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Founded in 2019, SJE Fireproofing raise the standards in Fire Protection services


SJE Fireproofing was formed in 2019 under the umbrella of SJE Carpentry and Joinery Ltd. Bringing in Paul Cowling to head the new company, his many years of fireproofing experience and knowledge have ensured we are able to build a Fireproofing Company that mirrors SJE Carpentry’s first-class approach and reputation. We are now working with some of the UK’s leading contractors with our objective being to improve the delivery of Fireproofing services throughout the Construction industry.


We aim to do this by:

  1. Proving compliance with all related current Legislation including 3rd party Certification
  2. Protecting our client’s reputation
  3. Provide cost certainty for the firestopping scope of works
  4. Give cost and design support at tender stage
  5. Being a single point of responsibility for all firestopping works
  6. Retain digital records of all firestopping works carried out using our bespoke technical platform
  7. Deliver firestopping technical support to project teams
  8. Provide firestopping training (CPD) for the project teams 
  9. Only using High Quality fully tested and certified materials 
  10. Deliver a consistent High Quality of installation on site by competent trained operatives

The works called for some unique and innovative thinking and Paul along with both his design and operational teams rose to the challenge. The result was a confident and effective action plan with a robust conclusion.

Jim Watts Operations Director
Wates Construction

Digital technology


Accurate record keeping is essential, all our operatives and management teams are equipped with the industry leading technology platform “BOLSTER”, it is a management software that allows for the recording and tracking of projects in real-time.



SJE Fireproofing is accredited by IFC Certification Ltd


IFC Certification Ltd is a UKAS accredited and internationally recognised provider of high quality and customer focused third party certification.Certificated installers are subject to independent auditing of their office and site based activities combined with competency assessment of operatives and supervisors.IFC Certification Ltd is a UKAS accredited certification body and is a Notified Body (No. 1720) under the Construction Products Directive.


Third Party Certification – Installer


• Audit of company operational / management procedures and processes (typically annual)

• Regular inspection of ongoing site work

• Competence assessment of supervision and installation personnel at site

• Award of certificate confirming scope of product types company can install under certification

• Listing of company on certification body website for access by regulatory authorities, building owners, insurers, management contractors etc. providing assurance

• Ability to issue a certificate of conformity to the client for works carried out on each specific project which is supported by the certification body